Friday, February 16, 2007

Its About Time

Well, we finally made it out to the mountains yesterday. We were trying to figure on the last time we were out, and narrowed it down to the Banff Mountain Book Festival in early November last year. We both agreed that was far too long ago!

We recently bought Kirstin a set of backcountry snowshoes. They hadn't seen the light of day since the day we bought them, that is, until yesterday.

We made a trip out to Chester Lake yesterday in hopes of finding peace and quiet, and LOTS OF SNOW! All of these were found, including 15cm of new snow. The trail was fairly packed for most of the way up, but once we found an opening off the main trail we headed off in search of fresh powder. What we found was beautiful! It's one thing to slug up a trail where you snowshoes sit above the height of the snow. It is another thing to have them sink a foot under the fresh powder and know that another three feet of snow lies beneath this.

It took us about two hours to get to the lake, including many stops for pictures :) Once there, we crossed and headed up the snow wall behind the lake. The snow was very soft and we found it quite difficult to climb the fifty degree slope with three foot long "boots" on. We didn't make it all way up to the valley behind the lake, just as well, since that is avalanche territory. Part way up we found a very nice walled in hole around a huge rock on the slope. This became our place to eat lunch and drink our tea! Oh yes, we packed in our stove and boiled just enough water to have two very warm and very tasty cups of Early Grey tea! Was so nice to have that warm us up from the inside out!

After a short break, we started to head down. I thought it might be easier to head down with no snowshoes on, so I started down. Only a few steps down the mountain I broke through the crust of snow and went down five feet into the snow. Time for snowshoes to go back on!

Once down to the lake it was a rather quick trip out of the valley, as most of it was downhill. Good conversation and speed kept us going, for both of us were getting tired, and Kirstin was dealing with a hip that was acting up.

A quick trip to Banff for our traditional meal (Old Spaghetti Factory), a stop in at Monods to look at packs for Kirstin, and we were on our way home!

Monday, February 12, 2007

God opens windows when He shuts doors

Good news:

I received a letter from the University today and I've officially been accepted to the Master's program for the fall with full funding. So God has indeed opened a window.

Now if I was only feeling better, we could go out and celebrate!

Nevertheless, we thank God for showing us the way. He is good.

--Female 1/2

Friday, February 09, 2007

Random things for February

Erk..I hate writing book reviews. I'm always afraid I'm misinterpreting the author's original position. So, this is me once again procrastinating. We went to an Arrogant Worms concert Wednesday night in Red Deer, courtesy of my parents. It was hilarious and well worth the drive up. Lambing has commenced at the Siebenga farm, it's a fun but busy time of year there...I miss it a bit, I'm afraid. While I have no complaints about the city life at present, I'm still a farm girl at heart... Went out for lunch with Brent's parents Thursday. So fun to hear about all the exciting things going on with them these days. Famous Arrogant Worms song for your pleasure and delight:
I used to be a farmer, and I made a living fine,
I had a little stretch of land along the CP line
But times were hard and though I tried, the money wasn't there
And bankers came and took my land and told me "fair is fair"

I looked for every kind of job, the answer always no
"Hire you now?" they'd always laugh, "we just let twenty go!"
The government, the promised me a measly little sum
But I've got too much pride to end up just another bum.

Then I thought, who gives a damn if all the jobs are gone?
I'm gonna be a PIRATE on the river Saskatchewan!!!

Cause it's a heave-ho, hi-ho, comin' down the plains
Stealin' wheat and barley and all the other grains
It's a ho-hey, hi-hey farmers bar yer doors
When ya see the Jolly Roger on Regina's mighty shores

Well, you'd think the local farmers would know that I'm at
But just the other day I found an unsuspecting barge
I snuck up right behind them and they were none the wiser,
I rammed their ship and sank it and I stole their fertilizer!

A bridge outside of Moosejaw spans a mighty river
Farmers cross in so much fear their stomachs are a'quiver
Cause they know that TRACTOR JACK is waitin' in the bay
I'll jump the bridge and knock them cold and sail off with their hay!

Cause it's a heave-ho, hi-ho, comin' down the plains
Stealin' wheat and barley and all the other grains
It's a ho-hey, hi-hey farmers bar yer doors
When ya see the Jolly Roger on Regina's mighty shores

Well, Mountie Bob he chased me, he was always at my throat
He'd follow on the shoreline cause he didn't own a boat
But cutbacks were a'coming and the Mountie lost his job
And now he's sailing with us, and we call him Salty Bob!

A swingin' sword, a skull and bones and pleasant company
I never pay my income tax and screw the GST (SCREW IT!!)
Prince Albert down to Saskatoon, the terror of the seas
If you wanna reach the co-op, boy, you gotta get by me!

Cause it's a heave-ho, hi-ho, comin' down the plains
Stealin' wheat and barley and all the other grains
It's a ho-hey, hi-hey farmers bar yer doors
When ya see the Jolly Roger on Regina's mighty shores

(*spoken* Arrrr! Ya salty dog!)
(*spoken* Arrrr! Ya salty gopher!)
(*spoken* Arr.. ya.. salty bale of hay!)
Well, Pirate life's appealing but you just don't find it here,
I've heard that in Alberta there's a band of buccaneers
They roam the Athabaska from Smith to Fort McKay
And you're sure to loose your stetson if you have to pass their

Well, winter is a'comin' and a chill is in the breeze
My Pirate days are over once the river starts to freeze
I'll be back in springtime but now I have to go
I hear there's lots of plunderin' down in New Mexico!

Cause it's a heave-ho, hi-ho, comin' down the plains
Stealin' wheat and barley and all the other grains
It's a ho-hey, hi-hey farmers bar yer doors
When ya see the Jolly Roger on Regina's mighty shores
We heard from Camp this afternoon and have not been accepted as directors. This is going to take some work for me to wrap my head around...not that I had counted on being there, but unless life takes an entirely different turn that we have in mind, this would have been the last summer that we are really able to work there, so I'm a little sad. However, we prayed about it, as I know also did the camp director, so we trust that God has other plans for us this summer. So...I'm looking for work for the summer now. Something flexible (so we can go hiking Ü) but with some amount of responsibility, and will allow me to work by myself a bit. Last summer's research was great as I got to be my own boss, which I like. There's LOTS of work out there, I just have to figure out something that'll work for me. Any ideas, oh faithful blog readers? Also, the fall's kind of up in the air at this point too...waiting to hear about grad school. Once again, we've prayed about it and are [trying] to leave it in God's hands, but it would sure be nice to know for certain right now... Anyway, I should get back to writing my book review on Canada's public policy regarding marijuana....Thanks for listening. Ü --female 1/2

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Wish I had a River...

We had some amazingly "light" snow fall here in Calgary this morning. During my lunch break I went outside and snapped these pictures. Funny thing is I had to be careful not to breathe on the snow too much or else it would melt before I could get a picture.

As you may realise from our blog, both me and my wife really enjoy snow, winter, and all of the above! My favorite season for sure :) We hope to go snowshoeing soon in the mountains, and this snow is just beckoning us more and more!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Snow and such

Yesterday we headed up to Lacombe where we visited with some very good friends over lunch--a much overdue visit indeed. It was such a blessing to be able to catch up with Patterson family and be able to share my heart with my good friend. Ü

We also helped out Brent's parents on their new commercial building (see their blog in our links). It was really nice to be able to help them out and have some time for visiting also. We also happened to meet some other friends--the pastor who married us and his wife--and chat with them for a bit. We have so many good friends in Lacombe...I look forward very much to moving back to the area.

This was today's Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, which fits our visit to the Patterson homestead well. Ü Brent and Adam were engaged in similar escapades...although C &H don't have quads... not to mention that Calvin and Hobbes are the names of the Patterson's two tomcats!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Coupla More Things

Last night we went to an Avalanche Awareness Seminar at MEC. Pretty much we learned that we don't know much about avalanches. Nevertheless, we want to head out snowshoeing SOON.

This morning we were challenged to a new level of creativity: Check out Rachel and Trevor's blog (you can get to it from the link on the right side of our blog) to see some crazy fun stuff. We want to try to do this ourselves sometime soon....but we don't want to trash our house so we were thinking of pilfering keys for Bec and Eric's. ;)

Snowed a bunch last night...we went out for a walk (and coffee) this morning and then shovelled. Snow is the best. It proves that we cannot control all of our circumstances. Whether they like it or not, people have to slow down in the snow. It makes the whole world beautiful again. :) Pictures of proof of the snow and our shovelling. For those of you who haven't seen our house, that is our door...with the non-working doorbell. Ü

What else can I tell you?

Brent and I were looking at pictures last night from hiking trips I did before we were together. Lots of fun times with Rach and Trev and Troy. Made us both really want to go hiking. Made me really miss my dog Pete. :(

Also, made a yummy salad-like thing the other night that I was pretty proud of. Cut-up carrots, green peppers and celery (should have also had little tomatoes). With balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, oregano and worcestershire sauce. Pretty tasty stuff!

This morning I am listening to Cat Stevens "The First Cut Is the Deepest." Did you know that Cat Stevens is one of my all time favorite musicians?

Anyway, the sun is out, the snow is beautiful, music is playing. It shall be a lovely day!

--Female 1/2