Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blogging, blogging, blogging

Hey all you fine blogg readers It's approximately two minutes to eleven and will, in all likelihood, be eleven or later by the time I quit posting. Tonight we went with Bec and Eric on a much anticipated much needed adventure to Costco. We spent waayyy too much money but got all kinds of good things like...apples...and granola bars and spaghetti... Also, I got a CD--CDs are cheap at Costco!!--by the Little Willies. The Little Willies are a bluegrassy/jazzy group of musicians including Norah Jones. Norah Jones just happens to be one of my alltime favorite female artists. Prayer thought: younger brother Jorgen leave for a mission trip to Mexico in two days and at this point he is passportless and suffering from a foot injury. (That's Jorgen in the skateboarding picture). High moment of the day: 2006 Spring/Summer catalogue from MEC arrived today! I can start dreaming about all the neat things I would buy if we had money. Projects of the day: Brent's working on his house model. "I have three more pieces to put on the roof and then the basic roof shape is done. I just have to add details like dormers and chimneys and and and...soooo I still have a bit of work to do..." (and he made chocolate chip cookies). :) Kirstin's projects: Final exam in Medieval Marriage History...didn't go particularly well. Critique of Rural Western History paper...probably being too hard on the guy. --Female 1/2 Out

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i(m)vh said...

Hey! My sister is going on the same trip .. so they will both be in my prayers.