Saturday, May 20, 2006

Brother Kevin

What an interesting weekend it shall be! This morning after Brent reviews a drawing with his dad, and I head to the University to pick up some books, we head out to Banff where we meet my faculty sponsor to do some initial general research at the Whyte Museum. Then we head to Red Deer to pick up our race packages and eat a pasta supper, then to my parents' house to stay overnight. Then up early and to Red Deer to run the Woody's RV Half marathon, then back to my parents' to shower and have a visit, then to Pattersons to visit there and then back to Calgary because I have to write a paper due Tuesday. Wow what a lot of driving! It's going to be fun though! Also, we saw my mum a bit this morning--she stayed overnight so that she could leave first thing this morning for her flight to Kelowna. She's going to visit her mum (my bedstemor) in Westbank for the day. Bedstemor is 95 and at times very lonely. I'm so glad my mum can do this! My main inspiration for writing is the fact that I was perusing the Lacombe Globe website this morning and came across an article about my brother-in-law, Kevin. As the article explains, he got Gold at the Provincial Skills Competition and is now going to Nationals in Halifax. We are very very proud of him! Edited to add: the article won't post correctly, but if you edit out the first http from the address, you should be able to view it...or you can follow the link from the Lacombe Globe homepage. --Female 1/2

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