Monday, July 31, 2006

Mum's birthday

It's Monday morning and we are tired still... What a fun weekend it was! With lots of rain! We went home Friday night and were up fairly late visiting with my mum's cousin Catharina and her husband Jan their two sons Kjartan and Eskil, and Jan's father Nils, all visiting from Denmark. Also, my brother Karl came down from Fort Mack, and my Uncle Wayne and Auntie Agnes came from Edmonton...and it rained all evening. Because my parents had such a full house, we decided to stay in our tent, which we set up close to the swingset and slide...also close to the chickens, which we would be reminded of cheerfully in the morning. All Friday night it thundered and lightninged and rained...and we were safe and dry in our tent. Saturday morning it was not raining. Kalie, Jorgen's girlfriend, came over, and the whole bunch of us set up the house/garage/yard/shop for the party. At two thirty, people starting coming over...mostly dressed up in fifties/sixties fashions and there was old music playing on a speaker set on the roof of the garden shed. All kinds of interesting people came, old friends, new friends. Later in the evening, someone started a fire in the fire pit and we played and sang around the fire for a while. Then, when it was completely dark (around eleven thirty) we played capture the flag. So much fun! (Except I ran into our truck in the dark and gave myself a good bruise). The other team won. The ground was incredibly wet...both with rain and with dew. I had been crawling on the ground most of the game and I was cold and wet by the time we quit. Sunday morning Brent and I were one of the first up, and we made pancakes for the 18 people who had stayed over night. It started raining in the afternoon--pouring! So we played a game inside (Munchkin, which we learned about from Bec and Eric) with Kjartan. Eskil, the younger of the two boys, is five (Kjartan is fourteen). Eskil doesn't seem to understand that we don't speak Danish. So he will spout off to us, telling us all sorts of things which we, unfortunately, don't understand. Brent got a good sample of what Danish should sound like so that when we learn Danish, he'll have a better idea of how he should speak. Such a fun weekend, but waaaaay too short. Jan is a geologist and he and Cat have done a lot of hiking (and Jan a lot of glacier travel). Brent and I felt like we could learn a lot from them and would love to go hiking with them since we share a passion for the outdoors. They told us we are welcome in Denmark anytime...we hope to take them up on that someday. ...Pictures will come when blogspot gets the photos up and working again... --Female 1/2

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