Monday, June 11, 2007

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?


it rained last week Tuesday night.

I've been sorting through footage on Youtube to figure out what to share...there's lots to choose from. Here's some news footage of the storm. Near the beginning of the clip James Fowler high school is shown...that's just a couple blocks from us and meters from Euk and Beuk.

And us? Well we got flooded a fair bit...but compared to others we've heard about, with completely full basements or foundations collapsing, we're really quite blessed. Nevertheless, we--especially Brent--have had a busy busy couple of days cleaning up. We're SO glad we had E & B here close by to lend us a wet vac and a fan and to give us moral support and comic relief. Here's some pictures.

What it looks like now, due mostly to Brent's diligence:


BigMama said...

Glad that you have people who were able to help you clean up and glad that you didn't have any major damage to your home.

Trevor & Rachel said...

Looks like Monsoon over here!! Three more weeks until our month long storm starts! Thank goodness we will be coming home for some of those good ol' Alberta mountains.