Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Changes in Lacombe: Pay Attention

This probably shouldn't concern me so much since we don't live in or near Lacombe anymore and may never do so again, but I just hate to see such matters addressed so hastily. Because someone once said "you don't get no where when you're too hasty." So, if there are any concerned Lacombeians out there, particularly if you're a crunchy greenie like me, you should read this letter from the Lacombe Globe: Residents need to be informed about Area Structure Plan. And this one: Area Structure Plan equals life sentence. You should also know about this: Lacombe Lake Spoiled. I find this statement in the plan proposal completely laughable with the present state of Lacombe Lake in mind: In preparation of this ASP, the following objectives were identified by Lacombe County in the terms of reference: 3.1 (e) Safeguard the environmental integrity of Lacombe Lake and protect and enhance the other natural areas and features of this plan area. Ha! If the Lake is already dead, due to failings in the due diligence if the Lacombe County, how can the county be further counted upon to "safeguard" the environmental integrity??? A bit late perhaps?? And here's the whole Proposal, if you're interested. So, Lacombe readers, if we have any, maybe it would be worth your while to go to the meeting tomorrow night at seven at the Lacombe Memorial Center

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