Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Who Wander Are Not Lost

The GPS:
Yesterday we picked up our car first thing and immediately hooked up the GPS (thanks E&B!) so we could figure out where we are going. B's more of an intuitive driver, so he had it all figured out in his head where we were going and the GPS more just confirmed what he already knew. However, we were really glad for the GPS because it told us what towns were coming us the flexibility to wander around the countryside rather than going to straight to where we originally were headed. And when we saw that we were nearing the town of Plymouth, we decided that to heck with our destination, we wanted to go there.

But wait, also on the map was something marked "Plymouth Lighthouse" so we decided to get there too. So we drove through Duxbury and ended up at a beautiful peninsular beach where we stopped for a nursing session and a long walk along the beach. The sand was wonderfully soft...I just had to do some barefoot wave chasing.

Well, actually, Plimoth. We read in our guidebook to New England about a historical reconstructed Pilgrim village, so we punched it into the GPS and went there. The village is set in 1627 and the staff there wear clothing of the era, talk like they're from the 17th century and "work" around the village all day. They were re-building one of the houses while we were there, as you can see from the picture. We really enjoyed learning how the Pilgrims lived. Oh, and M, they had a 17th century kiln where they make all the dishes the "Pilgrims" eat out of. I almost bought some...

We punched in restaurants into the GPS and came up with a little place called Benchwarmers Sub Shop. It really seemed like a place where all the locals ate...we got some funny "stranger in town" looks when we walked in. But the food was delicious. E even got some steamed broccoli to munch on.  B is going to join Yelp just so he can give this place a good review!

We got to our condo at five. It's located just off the ocean...we can see waves crashing from our balcony window. It was raining a little bit when we arrived and a beautiful big rainbow appeared over the north east. Lovely.

We accidentally took E to a fancy Italian restaurant. The sign said "family cooking"...but when we went in and asked about high chairs we got a lot of funny looks. However, E was on her very best behaviour, and once again charmed the entire staff of the restaurant, all of whom stopped by to chat (with her, not us). The candles, cloth napkins, and pricey menu (why we didn't figure this out before went in, I don't know) were a lovely atmosphere, and E enjoyed herself greatly...until I tried to put her coat on to go. The other patrons in the restaurant also seemed to get a kick out of this tiny person peeking over the table, chewing on a napkin. Oh yes, and the food was good too. :D


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Stephanie/Princess_Bear said...

Did you visit the Mayflower II or the Wampanoag homesite? Definitely recommend checking those out if you get back to Plimoth.

Eric said...

The best part of a GPS is that you can go where you want, and it'll just help you find your way home :-)

I'm glad you guys are really enjoying your break. And of course everyone wants to see little E, who wouldn't!!


Middle Earth Garden said...

Plimoth looks like a fascinating place to visit (and to work at for those employees)! Of course it is likely especially fun because they can go home to their 21st Century living after work.