Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quick like a Fox

E is getting very dexterous. And very sneaky.

This morning she was sitting on the floor with some toys, close but out of reach (I thought) of the Christmas tree. But then I looked over and she had reached a paper bag (that had been under the tree) in her lap, dumped out, and the tinfoiled Christmas cake from inside it out on the floor, and she was calmly shredding the tinfoil.

Then, later, she'd pulled over an empty tea mug and was ripping the teabag apart, chewing the bits of chamomile that were in it.

A pictorial example:  
"E snags Mom's cell phone."
 If I just reach a bit further...
 Aha, got it! And now, for the mandatory taste test...

1 comment:

Peter and Lorraine said...

Life is changing quickly! Someday soon her little world will expand even further - and this is a very good thing. :)