Monday, February 14, 2011

Tulips in our Window

This weekend past, we finally, finally moved in. We've been camping in the basement since October, sans bathroom, kitchen or, generally, functional space of any kind. But last week, with much hard work and two afternoons off work, our main floor living space reached the point where we could actually use it, and Friday night we slept in our bedroom for the first time.

I can't explain how much joy and relief and gratitude this event brings me. We can BAKE. Elspeth now has room to learn to crawl. We can enjoy the view from our front window and all the lovely sunshine. The drywall dust and sawdust will end. So much to be thankful for.

I also felt so blessed that our family and friends shared in our excitement. Bouquets of tulips were just the thing to adorn our window sill.


The Olson's said...

So excited for the three of you! Can't wait to see your home.

Anonymous said...


Love, the Vesseys

Prairie Voyageur said...