Friday, August 05, 2011

How our garden grows...

How does our garden grow this year?
Rather slowly, what with all the rain. But we're busy growing a fine crop of grass.
And more interestingly, many other things.

The view from our back deck:
(can you see the green fuzz-that-will-be-lawn?)
We're growing almost a full gamut of vegetables, including potatoes, beets, carrots, two kinds of peas, three kinds of beans, dill, various annual flowers...
...and lettuce.
The front yard is more interesting. 
We've planted all kinds of vegetables, perennials and annuals all mixed together
(along with the previously mentioned green-fuzz-that-will-be-grass)
The bachelor buttons have taken off marvelously. I've never seen so many shades of blue, mauve, pink, purple etc.
And lastly, E's birthday tree, though it is very young indeed, looks to bear fruit this year.


blueberry hill said...

All looks really lovely, beautiful choice of colour for your home. Annie x

Middle Earth Garden said...

Your garden is looking amazing! I assume you hauled in some good soil from your parent's farm? I like the idea of mixing flowers and veggies, we do that a bit in the backyard.

Hopefully you haven't had hail yet this year. We had two large hail storms last week (see update on blog). Fortunately the raspberries faired quite well.

Just got back from an amazing find: an entire hillside of wild Saskatoon bushes within a 20 minute bike ride from our home (well within city limits). The berries are a bit under-ripe yet but will be good in a week or two.

Have you found any good berry picking locations in your area?