Wednesday, April 25, 2012


My Small Girl grows in leaps and bounds (sometimes literally) these days. 
It's beautiful to watch. And frightening.


Middle Earth Garden said...

This is a wild guess - is that Delphinium?

I finally admitted our home compost production was not keeping up with garden humus demands considering the high clay content from the former lawn area. So I broke down and bought a square yard (or so) of garden soil amendment (peat moss and cattle manure). The garden should like that this year.

Kirstin said...

Yes it is delphinium. :) We've added manure almost every year in addition to our own compost supply. Brent's going to build me a bigger composter this summer, so hopefully our compost supply will eventually become adequate. I've heard very mixed reviews on the usefulness of peat moss--apparently it's a semi-renewable resource that's mined?

Middle Earth Garden said...

The company I bought the soil from said the peat moss is from the Crossfield area, but I'm not sure if that means it is packaged there and sourced elsewhere.

I certainly have questions about the environmental impact of peat moss harvesting and plan to look into it further, I just haven't had time this year yet. If you come across anything let me know.

So far I'm not aware of any source that supplies only manure. We are limited in that we don't have room for a dump truck to just dump out, we need a nylon bag delivery. I assume you source your manure locally with a dump truck delivery?

Our neighbour gave us their rain barrel which cracked at the bottom due to freezing, I just cut the bottom off with the sawzall and drilled some holes in the sides for aeration. Makes for a low cost (free), low effort composter, although not much capacity.

I may eventually source more on kijiji as I'd like to compost more leaves since they are so plentiful thanks to the poplars across the street.