Friday, November 17, 2006

An Eventful Week

Its been quite the week around here. Monday was a day off from school for both of us so Kirstin wrote a paper and I finished two jobs. Tuesday we went home to Lacombe to a funeral and then Kirstin's parents house for supper. The rest of the weeks seems to have slipped into a crack somewhere, just disappeared. Seemed just like yesterday that I was chatting with a classmate about how "tomorrow if the first day of November" and now its half way through! Hard to believe that we've only got four more weeks of school left before our Christmas break.
Speaking of Christmas, Kirstin's mom loaned us a great cd for our trip home Tuesday night. Its called Now it is Christmas Again. You could almost call it a cd of a Christmas Eve service at church, just feels that way. I (Brent) listen to it at least twice a day now!
Last night we went to see a concert of Daniel Taylor and James Bowman at the Eckhardt-Gramatté Recital Hall in the Rozsa Centre located on the U of C campus. These two men sing counter-tenor, meaning they sing so high that if you close your eyes you would think its women singing instead of men. They were accompanied by a classical group of mucisions, and again, if you close your eyes you would think you were in a ballroom in the 17th century. Kirstin didn't care for the singing, but thought the music was great. I liked it all, even the counter-tenors. Did I mention the tickets were free? Kirstin won them from CKUA, so our education last night was totally free!

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