Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A lovely wake-up call

An interesting day indeed: I was just snuggling in bed this morning half asleep after Brent left, not wanting to get up and go running when the phone rang. Who could it be at seven thirty but someone with a fifteen hour time difference--Rachel!! So I had a lovely long chat with her until she had to go to bed at one o'clock her time. Thanks for staying up to talk! Then I realized I have a yucky sore throat and was not going to go running in the snow and -15 degree weather. So I pulled on my insulated coveralls (it's cold down here!) and started working on my latest paper...and not much else has been accomplished today except a coffee break at Coffee and Scream and a stop over at the library. And now if someone could please bring me dessert that is not too rich but still very tasty and which will sooth my screaming sore throat. Thank you! P.S. Pictures courtesy of Rach and Trev in far away Korea. P.P.S. They are in need of some Earl Grey tea if anyone has the inclination.

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