Sunday, December 03, 2006

Conservative Leadership race

Probably you are not all as dorky as me in following the Alberta Conservative Party leadership race but I believe there is reason for celebration.

First, the reason to follow the race whether or not you are a small c or big C conservative. Whether you like it or not, the Conservatives will continue to be in power in Alberta for a very long time unless something disastrous occurs. Sorry all you left-wing readers, but that's reality. Consequently, if you want to have an effect on the direction Alberta takes, the leadership of the party is where you must look.

And the reason to celebrate: Ed Stelmach, a quiet, scandal-free farmer from Northern Alberta is our next premier-to-be. I believe he shall do well. Middle of the road, not too left or right, no bad connections, family man, interested in environmental concerns and (big bonus) not a creep like Lyle Oberg.

So Hurray for Ed Stelmach!

Here's a story about the election: Stelmach chosen
He ended up winning by quite a bit indeed.


i(m)vh said...

Are you calling me a dork?

Brent and Kirstin said...

dorkiness is relative. :) and i am definitely within the classification, so i wouldn't get too worried if i were you, i(m)vh. ;)


i(m)vh said...

ok. good. because i was up until 3 AM Moncton time watching the results on TV.
It made me late for church on Sunday morning.... and I was the pianist. :S

Trevor & Rachel said...


Since you have already had a comment from the other side of the globe I thought that I would balance things out and send one from this end of the world. Thanks for the great up date. We don't hear any news over here and while that can be refreshing and peaceful sometimes it is very important to know what is going on... especially when you are so far away and the ramifications of the news could be so large. At any rate thanks for the up date! And say hi to Ian for me, good to see that he is still around and kickin'.