Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Useful ways to procrastinate studying:

1) Make your own snowflake at this site. They'll even let you download the finished product. Watch out, addictive! Ask my brother or husband. :) One of the above snowflakes is mine and one is Brent's. Your guess as to which is which.

2) Catch up on the local news via the local paper. The Lacombe Globe

3) Send a virtual message in a bottle here.

4) Or, if nothing else works, do a little watersliding.

Now you know all my secret anti-studying techniques. ;)


Trevor & Rachel said...

I just found out that your sights work great for avoiding the gym as well. That is all of them except the watersides... I unfortunately could not download them.
Great snowflake site though.

Trevor & Rachel said...

If you love that kind of stuff, you should check out It's a great site and game.