Sunday, January 28, 2007

Working at the C-ment Factory

Thursday I had no class, but I had a tour of a precast concrete company. I really enjoyed it, and coming from a design point of view, it was interesting to see the outcome of our drawings. After the tour I came home and took a look at the pictures I had taken, and really like this one, so here it is. (I did play with the focal point and crop size a bit.)

So, my older brother dumped this link into an email the other day for me, take a look, its pretty impressive.

I was checking out another video article on the site about buying old cameras and piecing them together to come up with really wierd creations. Supposedly the cameras still work, and the author showed some of his work that came of them. I thought I would try to recreate one thing he did, but use photoshop instead. Not quite what he had, but I think it looks kinda cool!

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