Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nanton Centennial Days

Two weekends ago we drove down to Nanton to visit some friends who live in a lovely old mail-order home just outside of Nanton. We had some really good times visiting and enjoying the area...if you've never been to Southern Alberta, it has a beauty all of its own (as illustrated by John Wort Hannam's "Church of the Long Grass" see here for song clip)

The fireworks were paid for by donations from the community--they raised over 20 000 dollars for the event--and were put on a relative of Rachel's--who also happens to be a world class pyrotechnician (is that what they call fireworks guys?). Here are some pictures of the display. It was all done in time to music.

The next morning we went to the Nanton Parade--at least a third of which seemed to be Shriners from all over Alberta. There were also lots of horses, representatives from a bunch of Nanton area's 100-year old families, a bunch of past Calgary Stampede queens as well as the usual businesses. It was a great trip!

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Peter & Lorraine said...

Small towns! Nothing quite like them!