Monday, August 27, 2007

Min følselsdag (that's Danish for birthday)

So, I was very birthday-blessed this year, celebrating not once but SIX times!

First, Friday night, Brent's parents took us out for supper to East Side Mario's, along with my brother Karl, whose birthday was four days prior to mine.

Second, Sunday afternoon, my parents and brothers, along with Jorgen's girlfriend Molly, came down to Calgary and we went to Peter's Drive-in and then had cake here (that Karl and Brent and I made from raspberries .

Third, Sunday night, Becky and Eric came over for cake and a movie.

Fourth, Monday night (my actual birthday), Brent made me a fancy candle-lit dinner of salmon, asparagus, penne and white wine bought at the Wine Market by the Farmer's Market.

Fifth, Tuesday, Trevor and Rachel came down and we drove to Lake Louise for a hike and tea and to Banff for supper. (See previous post).

Sixth, Friday, Bec and Eric and Brent and I took a picnic supper to Prince's Island Park to see a production of "As you Like It" courtesy of Shakespeare in the Park, a professional acting company from Mount Royal College.

Pretty blessed, hey? My favourite thing about birthdays is when people important to me remember and send their wishes. For instance, within an hour of my being awake on Monday, I'd heard from two of my very good friends, Heather and Nicole, as well as my brother Jorgen and of course my husband. And these on top of all the celebration previously mentioned!

Hurray for birthdays and hurray for the love of friends!

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Eternity In Our Hearts said...

Happy Birthday Kirstin! I am so glad you felt blessed. May you know God's blessing in your life in the year ahead as you continue to seek after Him and know Him. (Thanks for your previous post about that :)