Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The end of one month and the beginning of another

On the weekend we had the privilege of taking care of E&B's pets, in particular their affectionate and enthusiastic dog Kiera. We had a wonderful time entertaining her--mostly because her need for walks became our outing to go geocaching (more on geocaching later.) On Sunday we decided to go for a geocaching/picture-taking/Kiera-outing trip to East Central Alberta. The day was drizzly and cool but we didn't care, we were going regardless. I did a total of three geocaches and would have done for if the Dalum Community Hall had not been playing host to an overnight wedding party. All in all, we travelled to Delacour, Rosebud, Wayne, Dalum and Standard in the course of the day, stopping often to stretch our collective eight legs, take pictures and find caches. It was a wonderful trip. And now it is September, and we must stay carefully on track in order to be ready for our trip to Denmark. Already I am feeling overwhelmed with things. I have to do more translation and more conversation practice. We need to build up some more funds and Brent needs to get some serious work done. We need to converse with our Danish family and ensure we're all on the same page as far as when we're there and what we're doing. It's so different than our England trip because in England we didn't know anyone, and could plan according to our whims. In Denmark we have tons of family and one family in particular we are going to spend time with, and we tread a fine balance between allowing them to be hospitable and taking too much advantage of their hospitality. I'm nervous about this. September is the time for back-to-schooling and this year it is a time of re -focusing and "New Year's Resolutions" for me. Setting some daily, weekly and monthly goals personally and for school. Getting reconnected and recommitted to our church family; figuring out how to work towards the ideals that I posted here earlier in the summer. I especially need to take further steps towards the sewing part. But one thing I have realized over the course of the past week is how truly blessed we are--what a good place we are in right now. We both have good jobs; we have hobbies that fulfill us and that keep our minds and bodies active; we have a wonderful church body by whom we are continually blessed and who nudge us continually to remain committed to serving in Christ; we lack for nothing to meet our physical needs. And especially, we have family and old and new friends who love us and challenge us. We are so blessed.

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