Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday's links

B and I both love reading blogs, and especially photo blogs--or blogs whose writers are good at taking pictures. :) So we thought we'd share a few of our favourites: Love Life R&T's Adventures 6:8 Photography--out of Calgary! The Image is Found Little Red Caboose And now B has been inspired to start his own photoblog. But don't worry, I will ensure he posts pictures here too. :) B's photoblog


blueberry hill said...

Hello! Good to catch up with your blog. I have been on a blog-sabbatical! Finally catching up. Love your UK trip pics - very inspiring for us locals to go do that trip now! Also, have been thinking about Settlers for a while, I keep reading about it as a great game. Maybe that will be our new game this Christmas. We had Apples to Apples last year.
Keep posting, it's a fab blog!
Annie x

Kirstin said...

Thanks Annie! Glad to have blog posts of yours to catch up on too. :) I look forward to coming back to your beautiful country as soon as we can!