Wednesday, March 04, 2009


On the weekend J&M came down for a visit and we had a fantastic time as usual. Brent rented a fancy camera lens with all the bells and whistles in order to take some engagement shots for them. I'll get him to post a couple examples at some point. They turned out fantastic. On Sunday we went skating in Bowness Park, which, apparently, is the largest outdoor rink in Calgary. It was pretty bumpy, but lots of fun. Brent got lots of skating shots of J&M, and also managed to get a picture of me. I think I've mentioned it before, but I'm always amazed at the pictures of me that he takes. "That's what I look like? That's a lot less awkward and goofy than I feel inside..."


Anonymous said...

Hey...not sure why you would think you look awkward or're gorgeous!! Seriously!
Tamara xoxo

blueberry hill said...

Hi Kirstin,
I am impressed at you giving up Facebook for Lent!! I couldn't - I know I would cheat! All the best with it.

Anonymous said...

Skating shots are a cute idea for engagement pictures! I'll have to remember that one :)