Friday, April 24, 2009

Lemon and Vanilla With Fresh Strawberries

The other night we had K&K over for one last hang-out night before female K moved back to Lacombe for the summer. We've had them over a number of times in the last while, once where we made supper and then went out for dessert, once where they made supper and we made dessert, and now this last time, where we made supper and they made dessert.
Fortunate for us, K&K are both really good at cooking and baking. They made chicken cordon bleu from scratch the night they cooked. AND they're particularly fond of cheesecake. So cheesecake it was early this week.
And it was good. Very very good.
Thanks guys, you can come over anytime. :)

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WNK said...

Oh my goodness, that looks SOOOOO good! I'm actually considering waking DH and telling him that I have a cheesecake craving and absolutely must have some NOW! ;)