Friday, April 17, 2009

Now hare this

Two days in a row we've had this little fellow visiting us around supper time. And not just for a moment. Tuesday night he stuck around the whole time we made supper and did dishes. Just sniffing through the flowerbed and hanging out. The second time he stopped by, I was surprised he wasn't wearing a little blue coat like another famous rabbit I know. That reminds me, have you seen the movie Miss Potter? I highly highly recommend it. I can't wait for the weekend. Here's what we're going to do: - Rake the gravel off the front lawn. - Clean out the flowerbeds and mix more compost in. - Trim down the perennials. - Enlarge one flowerbed so I can grow vegetables (shh don't tell the landlord) - Dump out the composter; mix it around; take out the decomposed bits; move the composter to a sunnier location; fill it up again. - Plant some seeds in yoghurt containers for later transplanting. 1) Scarlet runner beans; 2) sunflowers; 3) Forgetmenots; 4) I'm up for suggestions. - Get our bikes up and pump up the tires and dust them and clean them up so we can go BIKING. I've been waiting and waiting to go biking. - Visit the farmer's market and spend at least $20 on vegetables. I need way more vegetables in my diet. And protein, apparently. - Go for supper at some friends' house. But most of this is banking on the hope that Brent feels better by then. He is SICK. I've never seen him so sick in the whole time I've known him. He was hit really hard by this flu...way harder than me. He's been more or less on minimal input or uncontributing for three full days now. That's unheard of for Brent.

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Middle Earth said...

Hope Brent is feeling better soon! Nother worse than getting sick when the weather is nice outside.

I have a few ideas for some more veggies you could try growing, but that really depends what you like to eat. So I guess my vote is to grow what you like to eat!

I have ambitions to start more plants inside and running out of room (i.e. kale, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, etc). Debating if I can make a reasonable case to my lovely spouse and if she will let me buy some more plant lights...