Friday, May 15, 2009

Five Good Things

1) We put in a cd order for FOUR new albums that should arrive by the end of the month. Ray Lamontagne, Leonard Cohen, Jimmy Rankin and the Once soundtrack. 2) My rhubarb plant finally made its above-ground appearance the day before we left for California and is now looking healthy and strong. 3) We have four cheerful tulip blooms in the front flowerbed. 4) The new Star Trek movie was great. I could have gone right back into the theatre and watched it again. 5) The sun was shining very brightly when we went for a walk this morning.

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Middle Earth said...

"And the world itself - can I have been unhappy, living in Paradise? What keen, tingling sunlight there was! The mere smells were enough to make a man tipsy - cut grass, dew-dabbled mosses, sweet pea, autumn woods, wood burning, peat, salt water. The sense ached. I was sick with desire; that sickness better than health."

C. S. Lewis, in Surprised by Joy