Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seventh Day of Christmas/New Year's Eve

The announcer on the radio this morning reminded me that in addition to today being the last day of the year, it's also the last day of the decade.

Which got me thinking of all that has transpired in the past ten years. I think this past ten years can be defined as "transitional."
From child to adult.
From high schooler to done grad school.
From "sweet sixteen and never been kissed" to happily married and "not-so-newly-wed."
From farm girl to thriving in the city.

I've learned a lot about myself in this ten years.
And I don't think I have integrally least not for the worse.
I like to think that I've become more myself.

This past year has been a time of significant growing up and changing as well,
with heart-wrenching pain as well as great joy.
Lessons learned; renewed reliance on God;
friendships strengthened; a new sister.

Most of all, through this year I have been thankful for relationships.
An introvert though I am, the deep meaningful relationships,
the wisdom and trust and love,
the joy of sharing sorrow and laughter,
these are what life is about.
The epiphany of knowing that others have experienced what I now do
or have endured things beyond my small world and are the stronger for it.

It has been a year of living relationally.

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