Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ninth day of Christmas

Happy New Year, dear readers!

I have many thoughts on what this year will bring, and being the list-maker that I am,
am very much inclined to make a
"to-do list of resolutions."

But this is going to be a year of major major changes in our lives.
Changes that I simply cannot anticipate how to adjust to, or schedule, or organize.

1) moving from the city to a small town
2) adding a very small new person to our family
3) switching careers/adjusting jobs
4) renovating a house
5) leaving old friends behind and making new ones (and reacquainting with old ones!)
6) leaving a dear church home, and finding a new one.

These are scary things to consider, and I feel far from equipped to handle everything, when I stare at all together in a list.

Consequently, unlike 2009, when I planned everything out very carefully;
Reaching some goals, and realizing that other things are beyond my control.
This year will be a year of taking things as they come.
Accomplishing small goals daily, or weekly, or at most, monthly. 
Consciously not planning some things, so I won't be disappointed when they don't happen as I want.
     Educating myself--
          Constantly being a learner--
               Listening to the advice and wisdom of others-
In an attempt to feel at least somewhat prepared, no matter what lies ahead.

I'm glad I have my Brent and my God with me as we forge on ahead. Otherwise I would feel very small and scared indeed.


Anonymous said...

OHHHHH!!! Did I miss an announcement! We are offline...I am on a borrowed computer...been off for a month. What's happening???! I have to go check your older posts but I'm hoping :) :) :) Annie xx

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Congrats!!! Big congrats! So pleased to see that precious little foot pic...hope you are keeping well and not too tired. Anne xx

Kirstin said...

Hi Annie! Thanks for stopping by! I've been wondering where you went...your blog has been sadly quiet for a long time. Hope you three are all well. :)