Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good, Better, Best

Our prenatal classes emphasized the importance of pregnant women getting enough protein in their diet, and they especially argued that pregnant women should be getting at least one egg a day to get proper nutrition.

I do not like cooked eggs very much. Never have, ever since I was little. The make or break factor of food for me is texture. And eggs, like mushrooms, are just...wriggly. Not my favourite. [Caveat: I do like a good omelette or eggs Benedict or some other exceptions].

That said, I can fully appreciate the nutritional benefits of good eggs.

So, I offer you a comparison. On the outside of the bowl, generic store-bought egg yolks. In the middle, one free-range heritage-breed egg yolk specially delivered from the farm by my mother. Guess which is better for you?

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