Thursday, May 27, 2010

A month already

Little E is already a month old! Time really flies. We've already noticed lots of changes in her, and she's already experienced a whole lot of things.

- She is learning to like baths, and to endure diaper changes.

- She doesn't like being put in the car seat, but once in, she enjoys stroller rides and puts up with car rides.

- She does not like cabbage (second hand, that is) but doesn't seem to mind coffee.

- She's gotten breastfeeding totally figured out, but maintains that meals should be no further apart than three hours and that a frequency of every hour and a half is preferable.

- She enjoys being outside, so long as the mosquitoes can't bite her and the sun isn't directly in her eyes.

- She likes to think she's got great muscle control in her head and neck, but the truth is she needs to do a lot more head-ups (like sit-ups, but only involving one's head) before having this one figured out.

She's attended
a wedding,
a garage raising,
two church services,
been part of her first Mother's Day celebration,
and taken road trips north and south.

She's hung out with
two sets of grandparents,
three great grandparents,
several aunts and uncles,
a great Aunt,
two friends almost exactly the same age as her,
and lots of other important people.


Peter and Lorraine said...

She's been busy for only being one month old! Guess that means Mom and Dad have been too!

Marco, Kristin, & Ellie de Andrade said...

Happy 1 month birthday Ms. E!

blueberry hill said...

Hello and congratulations! I am so out of touch with blogland ...your daughter is beautiful!!! and what a lovely name. Glad all is going well - you can sleep later ;)
God bless you all. Annie xx
Am on Facebook if you are on there? I seem better at that right now.