Friday, June 04, 2010

Baby in the Closet

Before E was born, a number of people told us how helpful it was to have a baby swing. Thankfully, among the generous handmedowns received from B's cousin was a swing--with five speeds, parent and baby activated modes and plays music to boot! We hauled it out yesterday in the hopes of finding a new way to sooth and entertain E, particularly in the cranky evening hours.

While the swing does work well in the evening, we found it works even better in the morning.

Since progressively more of our stuff is packed away in boxes, we have space in our office--the perfect space for a baby in a swing--in the closet.

So Baby swings and watches Dad work and has a little snooze when needed. Life is good.


tamara said...

AGREED!! The baby swing is the key to sanity when you have a little one!

Suzanne said...

Memories ... so sweet :-) Glad the swing is helpful for you. We are getting ready to celebrate Joshua's 1st birthday already. Time goes by so fast. Enjoy every moment that you can.