Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lasts in Calgary

As we prepare to leave the city, B and I have made a mental lists of places we want to visit one last time before we leave. This included the Calgary Farmers' Market and Heritage Park, among others.

Friday night, at my request, we loaded up the stroller and went for a stroll in Prince's Island Park. We've been there quite a number of times before, for Canada Day, Folk Festival, Shakespeare in the Park and random bike rides and walks.
  It's a beautiful place to walk in the evening. 
Music from buskers can be heard throughout. 
People from all nationalities and all walks of life are there: 
out walking or biking or picnicking or playing games, 
or hitching rides in strollers, as Mom and Dad walk.
There are plenty of places along the river to stop to admire the scenery,
or to have a snack.
  The ducks and geese waddle along, 
showing off their fluffy offspring and begging for food.

The evening sunshine reflects off the river 
and the office towers and condominiums of downtown, 
giving the park a lovely gentle glow.
Prince's Island Park is a pedestrian's treasure, 
comparable to St. James Park or Hyde Park in London England.
And we're going to miss it.


Kevan said...

Lasts!? Whoa - I must have missed something! Where are you guys headed?

Eric said...

I'm just glad that Elly gives that face to more than just me ;-)