Monday, July 19, 2010

Onwards Past "Heavy Rainfall Warning In Effect"

Items of news:

Positive: We have amazing friends and family who encourage us and through in helping hands when ever they're free.
Negative: The project became a whole lot bigger last week with all the rain, requiring tools like jack hammers, excavators, and products like PVC pipe and sump pumps. 'Nuf said.

Positive: I found an amazing new blog that details projects just like ours! We've already gotten lots of ideas.
Negative: we're a long way yet from the painting stage.
Positive: That doesn't mean I can't plan and dream and visit the paint store down the street.

Negative: It rained huge amounts last week, which limited the kind of work we could do.
Positive: we got two windows in on Saturday, thanks to lots of assistance, and B now is very comfortable with installing windows so the others shouldn't be too hard.
Negative: There's a lot more rain in the forecast for this week too.

Negative: It's easy to succumb to cabin fever when it's pouring out and E and I are car-less and very limited in space. Especially when I found this awesome blog post about quilting. My quilting space is cut off for some time to come...
Positive: There's sunshine coming later in the week; there's several projects that I can tackle in the house; and our garage is organized enough that I can access fun things like slow cookers, yoga dvds and E's toys.
Positive: My sister-in-law just arrived for a visit! That's enough positives and negatives for now...

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Peter and Lorraine said...

Forecast looks brighter this week already! I pray we can believe it and lots more can get accomplished - including sunny walks around town for you and Baby E!