Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It would seem that we have been tagged...

This is a concept I have never before encountered--"Tagging"--a spreading phenomenon very much unlike the Avian Flu. :) I will follow the tagging principles as laid out in Marco and Kristin's blog, and answer for myself, as it would seem the tagging bug has bitten me, not Brent. :) Four Jobs you have had in your life? 1) Lab rat, cloning potato plants...my stint as a scientist (haha) 2) Retail semi-manager, Majak Gardens bedding plant greenhouse 3) Outtrip camp counsellor, Camp Silversides...that reminds me, I dreamt about camp last night 4) Sheep farmer, both on my parents' farm, in the meat end of things, and on my uncle's farm, as a milker in the dairy end of things. Four Movies You Would Watch Over and Over? 1) Mary Poppins...Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, what more needs to be said? 2) Pride and Prejudice, BBC/A&E version, because I wish I could talk like them--got the set for Christmas!! (Thanks Kev!) 3) Fly Away Home. Filmed in Ontario, set in Ontario, beautiful music and lovely story...not to mention the Canada geese! 4) Marx Brothers' Night at the Opera...great witty humor, love that they stick it to the man Four Places That You've Lived? 1) On my parents' quarter section dairy farm 2) On my parents' acreage, about a mile west of the old farm 3) Onsite and offsite Camp Silversides (that counts, it was for three whole summers) 4) Farm near Lindsay Ontario Four TV Shows you love to watch? 1) CSI: Miami--Horatio is my hero 2) Corner Gas--the best comedy show ever 3) ER--well i loved it in high school 4) Survivor--we don't get that channel here, but last year we watched it faithfully Four Places You've Vacationed? 1) Kamloops, BC 2) Staffenbach, Switzerland 3) Jasper, AB 4) Lacombe, AB (I don't get out much) Four Website I visit Daily? 1) FAM message board 2) University electronic blackboard 3) CKUA website 4) Marco and Kristin's blog Four of my favorite foods? Hey I blogged about this recently... 1) Cranberry sauce 2) Curry anything 3) Sandwiches: tuna, ham and cheese, peanut butter and banana (not all on the same sandwich) 4) Anything Brent makes Four places I would rather be right now? 1) Out running 2) In Jasper or generally in the mountains 3) In Nepal 4) At Red Deer College

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