Monday, January 09, 2006

Newsy News

Happy second semester! Classes for me are as follows: HTST593--History of Violence Against Women HTST 439--Canadian Western History post-1886 HTST 423--Marriage in Feudal Society ENGL 444--Continuation of first semester's Victorian Lit. GLGY--Intro Geology It's going to be another challenging term to say the least! Yesterday, Brent and I took a trip out to Nanton to visit my friend Rachel and her husband Tyler. They live in an ooooold ranchhouse on an acreage in beautiful southern Alberta. I gained a whole new appreciation for the southern prairies and ranchland yesterday. There is an incredible amount of history there. Rachel's great grandparents started a huuuge ranch there and large parts of it are still in the family including a piece on which the family's summer house and sometimes dude ranch dwelling is situated--which we got a tour of. I am really looking forward to spending more time exploring that country. Rachel and Tyler were most hospitable as well, and I learned how to trim a horse's hooves. We were around horses quite a bit yesterday and I didn't get sick (praise God!!) Maybe I'm growing out of my allergies?? Yoga starts tonight for Becky and I. We're taking a beginner's Hatha class for the next thirteen weeks--as long as it's not booked up entirely by the time we get there tonight. Also, I started running again today. I don't start school eleven on M/W/F and at two on T/R so I've got a fair amount of time in the mornings. I'm going to start training for a half-marathon for the spring. There's on in April here in Calgary, one in May in Red Deer and another in July here in Calgary, so I'm hoping to participate in at least one of them. That's all the news for today I think. Except, we bought a kitchen cart thingmabob at Ikea the other day and it is wonderful to utilize it for our microwave(thanks Mom and Dad)/toaster(thanks Tim and Amanda)/coffee maker(thanks Jorgen and Kalie). We feel very blessed with everything we have and relieved for the organization that is beginning to appear in our home. Female 1/2

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