Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Borrowed this picture from the CBC Olympic webpage...which I've been following closely lately seeing as I'm addicted to the Olympics. I think my addiction began in grade eight or nine when the Olympics were in Nagano and I had to do a olympic game scrapbook for Phys. Ed. If I were ever to go to the games, I'd want to do speedskating. I used to want to be a bobsledder but now that I run, I think I could handle long as they don't require me to stop very quickly...but maybe I'd learn to stop in training...

On a more serious note, also related to the cartoon, is the Danish/Muslim situation. Personally, I think the Muslim people involved in the threats and flag burnings etc. merely needed and excuse to get riled up. Why pick on the Danish country as a whole for the printing of a silly cartoon? Jesus is made fun of quite often and I don't go out burning flags and wrecking things. Actually, I've been feeling quite persecuted as a Christian in my university experience right now. That happens every now and again...Christians in the past were not very good people and did a lot of horrible things, but I wish contemporary society would not blame Christianity as a religion for the mistakes made in the past in the name of religion.

But to return again to the cartoon, it seems so strange that Denmark would be picked as the country of choice to persecute. Ok, they printed the cartoon first. But Denmark?? It's smaller than Alberta! In fact, I think you could probably fit five Denmarks into Alberta. Moreover, it's not even close to a world power. The Danish people are pretty peaceful, I'd say.

On an even more serious note, my Auntie Karen is a missionary in Turkey and things are not exactly all peace and happiness there either these days. In addition, she has strong connections with Denmark--she is supported by a church there. Consequently, if you feel like praying for her, please do. These are scary times for her.

That's it for me right now. I've got to go read about the murder of newly-married women in India by their mother-in-laws for a while...

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