Monday, February 27, 2006

Wedding dresses and Winter Olympics

Brent and I caught just a few minutes of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics yesterday...long enough to see Andre Boccelli (spelling?) sing and see all the girls in wedding dresses. They looked very pretty. I think I would definitely have volunteered to wear my wedding dress again and carry a calla lily light. Actually, I would take any opportunity to wear my wedding dress again. It seems like such a shame that wedding dresses are so expensive and so pretty but we only get to wear them once. I really liked mine. Now that I'm thinking about it, I remember when three couples in the Woodynook celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversaries (they had a triple wedding) all three of the wives wore their dresses again. I would like to hope I could possibly fit into my dress in twenty-five years! You never know, it had a corset so there's a lot of room for adjustment. On another dress note, Brent and I watched Pride and Prejucide saturday night. I absolutely love that movie. I could watch it over and over and never tire of it. Anyway, I really love all their dresses also. I wonder how I would look in an empire style dress. I'm not so sure I would like to show quite as much cleavage as they show though--especially Jane. However, Jane and Elizabeth's wedding dresses are especially pretty. I wish lived in a society wherein I could ress like that and live in a castle by a lake. Brent and I have decided that when we have ten million dollars we're going to buy some land west of Calgary and build a castle like Pemberley.

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