Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Clean Sweep

Last weekend we had one goal: clean up the storage room. Since we moved here it's been a disaster...we never had the time or the money to figure out how to organize it. So saturday morning we emptied almost everything out of it, piled stuff into four groups 1)stuff to keep 2)stuff to take to Mum and Dad's 3)stuff to give to a second hand store and 4)stuff to THROW OUT. After our living room was full and the storage room empty, we went to Ikea and got four units of cheap shelving called Gorm. We took it home and realized that we needed a specific hexagonal socket bit for Brent's drill...a metric one...that we didn't have. After going to Crappy Tire, Totem and Home Hardware with no luck, we got ahold of Bec and Eric and borrowed their bit (they have lots of Gorm too). So now we have SHELVES!! and an organized storage room! Now we just have to get the piles of stuff to be taken away out of the living room and we'll be set...

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