Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend Trip #1

We had a well-traveled weekend over Thanksgiving. First, Saturday we drove down to Lethbridge for a wedding. This took two and a half hours on the way there....and because of an unplanned and most definitely accidental detour, it took over three hours on the way back. (Note to us: watch for turn-off onto Hwy 2 shortly after Fort McLeod, otherwise, turn onto Hwy 22 past Pincher Creek...). Even for over five hours of driving, it was worth going to the wedding. We were able to support a friend of Brent's and see and visit with some other good friends. Southern Alberta is majestic. The flat prairie is not my primal landscape--my home--but I am nevertheless awed by it. Prairie up until tall snow-covered mountains. Rolling hills and coulees and wind. And--important to me--so much visible Albertan history. RCMP barracks, old worn out homesteader houses, irrigation ditches. The striving of humans to overcome nature through the massive windmills, the train, again, the irrigation equipment. The desires of humans to recreate old world culture in a cultural vaccum through brick-clad churches and houses, hotels and a university. If anyone tries to say that Alberta has no history, come and talk to me and I will show you otherwise.

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Trevor & Rachel said...

It's sure nice to see your prairie pictures. We just don't get the sunsets among the smog and all the buildings.