Monday, October 30, 2006

This just in...

Weather Report for Trevor and Rachel (because I love you). It's COLD and snowy hereabouts. I ran this morning in about minus ten or more and when I got home my legs were frost-bitten (that's what I get for just wearing thin running tights). Thought I would take some pictures so you could see what you're missing out on (and decide if you're glad to be elsewhere or not...)

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Trevor & Rachel said...

You know we check your sight almost everyday and I was first of all excited to see that there was something new posted, but I was stoked to realize that it was actually addressed to us and for our benefit. I think that tomorrow I will show this to my Science class as we are studying weather right now and they will never believe that you have snow in Canada. Just like us Canadians they too are ethnocentric.

Just to be brief I will be writing you shortly and I have not called because of a lack of love but indeed I do not have any minutes left on my calling card. I have not replenished it in a long while.

I love you and I know that Trevor also sends his regaurds,