Wednesday, May 02, 2007

About time for an update

I figured it was about time for an update...and since pictureless updates are not very much fun, here's some visual aid as well. :)

These are from a trip we made in March up to Nose Hill Park. It was absolutely beautiful up there.

The evening sun over the grass.

A self portrait. We are much taller than previously measured.

Just in case you forgot how close Calgary is to the mountains...a great temptation for us every day as we went to school.

So the real news: I've got a MEC (woohoo!). Should be good summer work, really neat experiencing a co-op work atmosphere. The staff room[s] are fantastic. and they recycle EVERYTHING...which I really appreciate.

Also: Rachel and Trev are coming home this summer!!! (Just for a visit). We've been scheming up all kinds of hiking trips to do with them...

To be honest, we've been scheming up all kinds of hiking trips in general. One is for certain, an eight day backpack trip following in the footsteps of David Thompson from exactly 200 years ago. How's that for cool! My parents have also expressed interest in coming with us on a trip.

What else is new...oh--Brent and I spent a large part of Sunday working in the yard, cleaning out leaves and weeds and edging and adding a big bale of peatmoss to our horribly sandy dry soil. Almost all of the perennials I planted last year are back! The rhubarb, the delphinium, the lupins and shasta daisies planted from seed...even the pansies are back! It's a joy to watch things grow. :)

Oh--I'm running a half marathon in Red Deer in a couple of weeks. I haven't been training as hard as I should be but I enjoy the time spent outside and it should be fun. Brent's probably going to volunteer for the event and he's been my faithful cheer squad, biking with me especially when I go at night.

Life is really good for both of us right now. Brent's glad to be done and working fulltime, I'm anticipating a summer full of things more or less unrelated to school and I am also looking forward to starting again in the fall. I have all kinds of books I plan to read, Brent's been planning our hiking/scrambling trips. We have an amazing and very blessed life together!

Lastly, if you haven't read Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, I highly recommend it. Very insightful into Christianity of today. It certainly has affected my perspective on life...and I hope from this perspective change will follow a change in my daily interactions.

That's it, I think. Ü


Trevor & Rachel said...

We want more blogs. More blogs, more blogs, more blogs

Trevor & Rachel said...

We also want to says that we just started to listen to Harry Manx and we like the song "Sittn' On Top of the World"