Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Adventure To (that's Danish for two)

Sunday after church Brent and I pulled out the roadmap and drove to Dickson (straight west of Innisfail, home of the first Albertan Danish settlement, if someone an guess the correct year of the settlement, I'll give them a sweet prize). We took a bunch of secondary and thirdary roads (I know that's not really a word but what do you call what looks to be secondary but slowly deteriorates from new pavement to old pavement to an assorted lump of potholes and gravel and then back again). The countryside was beautiful, I decided that Carstairs would be a very cute little town in which to live. There was no water going over the dam, sadly, unlike the last time we were there right around the time of all the major Alberta floods two years ago.

We met my parents at the Danish National Canadian Museum just south of Dickson and had all-you-can-eat æbleskiver (bonus points to anyone who knows what that translates as literally). They're kind of like Dutch ollibollen except rather than being deepfried, they're baked in a special æbleskiver pan that sits on the stove.

A coupla major highlights of the trip: seeing my family and especially my brother Karl who has just moved home from Fort Mac, eating æbleskiver AND kransekage (Danish wedding cake--if you were at our wedding, you probably had some) and discovering that the museum has several resources that I will be able to use for my research when I start writing my thesis!

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