Monday, July 16, 2007

Marvelous Adventure #1

Monday July 16: approximately 5 days til Rachel and Trevor come home, 4 days until we go backpacking. This summer is going WAY too fast! We're trying to get our adventures in where we can, consequently this shall be the first of a two-post series on some of the things we have done.

Saturday night after I got home from work we quickly ate supper, transfered the pannier from Mom B's bike to mine and loaded it up with camera, water, bike map, lock and extra sunscreen. It was a hot hot day and I was on a mission to dip my feet in the cold almost-fresh-from-the-glacier Bow River water.

So...we went for a three hour bike ride up along the Fish Creek trail until it connects with the Bow River trail system, followed the Bow River til 19th Street and then took 19th back towards home. It was a beautiful beautiful evening and it was much cooler along the river than up at our house!

Our first picture stop (although prior to this we saw a baby deer hiding in the grass along the path). Later we saw more deer--at the zoo! Funny that within 3 km of each other there were wild and penned deer of the same variety!

Canada geese being spectators of...

The many rafters, canoeists and kayakers on the river that evening!

Some bridges along the way:

Prince's Island Park...we toured through to take a look at the River Cafe. The park was quite busy with people out walking or biking or rollerblading or just hanging out. We checked out the venue for the Calgary Folk Music Festival. Too bad we're going to be far far away from Calgary and can't go!

We biked by some Shakespeare in the Park (Twelfth Night) but didn't stop long since it was already part way over. We'll have to do that another time!

Finally, we found a quiet place for me to dip my feet before heading back home. A lovely evening indeed!

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