Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Inbetwixt adventures, Dougie Maclean

Last Wednesday, my parents and Brent and I went to see Dougie Maclean in concert in a church in south Calgary. He is a folk singer dating back to my childhood; my mum has two of his first albums on record...and I have his two latest on cd. He is most famous for his song "Caledonia" but that is certainly not his only good one. If you look him up on YouTube, there's lots of footage/recordings of him, illegal of course, but I found a chunk of a documentary to give you a taste of his music. I'm a huge folk music fan to begin with but he takes things to a new level. It was a fabulous concert, by the way. He teaches the audience all the choruses so that we can sing along and provide back-up vocals as it was just him and his guitar on the stage. Please excuse the strange facial expressions of the female singer...her name is Kathy Mathea, I believe, a Irish folk singer in her own right, but apparently not well adapted to film...

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