Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pretty much the best board game out there

A good friend introduced B and I to Settlers of Catan a number of years ago, and we were hooked immediately. Since receiving the original game as a wedding present, we've added the extension pack, and as of last week, Cities and Knights of Catan (which attaches to the original). There's two other major additional games to attach that we'd like to get, Seafarers of Catan and Traders and Barbarians. So many hours of fun. I highly recommend the game, if you're looking for a new and different board game--it's a farrrr cry from the standard Monopoly-style game.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got Cities and Knights! If you had got Seafarers, Andrew would expect to win when we come over to play :)


Kirstin said...

I figured you'd be ok with that decision. :) We had a hard time deciding, though, because they all looked so good!

lyrl said...

I know this was an old post, but it's so cool to see someone else who likes board games.

We bought Carcassonne several years ago (I understand the gameplay is similar to Settlers), but I wanted to play it so often DH decided he didn't like it anymore! Good to know there are people out there who still enjoy the game after many hours of play :)