Monday, August 04, 2008

Shakespeare in the Park: The Tempest

Setting the stage

Donation box

While The Tempest is not my favourite Shakespeare play, I wasn't willing to pass up the opportunity to see it performed as part of the Shakespeare in the Park tradition in Prince's Island Park. And the play was indeed good, though some of the actors were a bit lacking in their voice projection skills. I'm looking forward to their other 2008 offering, The Merry Wives of Windsor, which we shall attend later this summer. Technically, there was a suggested donation of $20/person, but they could hardly stop anyone from watching for free, so this was another "free" event in Calgary.

Some more pictures:

A drunken sailor

And more drunken sailors

Non-drunken sailors

Prospero and Miranda

The view from our seats
Miranda and the Prince

Wuv, twue wov...

Ariel, the imprisoned spirit

The sunset on our way back home

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