Saturday, January 24, 2009

Calgary Public Library

Check this CBC article out. "Calgary public libraries are doing a booming business, reporting record activity that puts them in the top six busiest civic systems in North America." And "Carole Marion, manager of the Forest Lawn Library, said branches expect to be even busier this year with the economic slowdown.

"That's very typical, actually, of people coming to the library when there is a recession," Marion said. "Because of the economy, people can't afford to buy as much material as before. But they're also looking at things like getting more information to upgrade their jobs."

One of these days I'll publish the long story I wrote about how important libraries have been in my life. I am very encouraged to read that the Calgary Public Library is doing so well. And that it is likely only to do better in the coming year. We're big fans of the library around here.

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