Friday, January 09, 2009

A long-winded account of our evening

Want to know what we did last night?
In addition to 1) a stop at Memory Express to get some parts for the grand computer rebuilding extravaganza occurring tomorrow 2) a trip to The Knitting Room to get me a needle for weaving yarn in [need this to finish Theo's Christmas present scarf] and some stripey yarn for my next project: socks (will finish these ones unlike the sad stretched oversize grey sock with no toe that I gave up on). 3) a trip to Starbucks: mocha for Brent, apple cider for caffeine at night for me these days... [Side note: anyone have any tips on teaching oneself to sleep at night: I seem to have forgotten how.] Oh, and to buy two cds. I'm a sucker for Starbucks music. We bought "Have you Heard" and "This is Us." 4) a quick browse of Chapters: Perusal of the photography books revealed nothing of interest for Brent...and I was still so enamoured with my cds that I forgot to look at books... But we did buy a new map of Calgary for the car. And finally, on our way home, we stopped by the outdoor rink we visited on Sunday, only to discover that it was covered in 3cm of snow. Oh, did I mention it snowed almost the whole time we were out last night? But it stopped when we got to the rink. So we rushed home, dropped off all our stuff, put on long johns, extra socks and toques and mitts and scarves, grabbed our skates and our snow shovels, and headed back to the ice. When we got back, there was a man out shovelling, so we asked if he minded if we helped. He seemed quite shocked that we wanted to help. Know what's fun? Shovelling snow on skates. It goes really fast. Except when you hit rough patches on the ice that you didn't know were there because they were covered in snow. It took us half an hour or so to shovel. And then we skated under the light of the street lamps; we had the whole ice to ourselves. It was lovely. But we decided that we definitely need to get our skates sharpened.


blueberry hill said...

That sounds wonderful! A perfect evening.
Thanks for your congrats on my blog - it's a whole new world once you are pg...a very interesting process if you can get over the side effects!
Have a wonderful 2009. Axx

blueberry hill said...

PS - got further along with your blog...I also loved the movie "Once" - it's sweet and funny and quirky ...also just wondered if you have found Jane Brockett's blog? I had it bookmarked until my PC crashed. Worth a look if you can find it!