Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coldplay meets Taylor Swift

This is about the most beautiful piece of music I've heard in a while. For the record, we're huge Coldplay fans. They've got some really thoughtful, well-orchestrated music. Viva La Vida and the latest album as a whole is no exception. Taylor Swift, on the other hand...well let's just say the original of this song makes little sense. [Big gripe starting] It's called Love Story, but its main characters are Romeo and Juliet. I hate to break it to you, Taylor, but Romeo and Juliet do not live happily ever after, they die. Also, she talks about being a "scarlet letter." Do you know the reference that comes from? A book written in the nineteenth century by Nathaniel Hawthorne about a woman who commits adultery. Suddenly the "love story" doesn't sound so cute and innocent hey? [/ok, ok, gripe ending]. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. That said, "Love Story" is a beautiful sounding song, and the two songs combined and played by piano and cello (a fantastic musical match)...it's gorgeous.


Kevan said...

I quite enjoyed that - might be guilty of listening to it multiple times! Thanks for the share! Oh - and the rant made me literally laugh out loud.

Kirstin said...

It gives me shivers every time we play it...glad you like it too!

By the way, Kevan, we were almost certain we saw you driving north on Hwy 2 on Friday. We took a detour off the hwy through the ditch following a little blue Yaris. Except "you" turned off at Innisfail, which led us to believe that maybe it wasn't really you. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful arrangement! Your rant was funny (and true, I have my own issues with the lyrics... she's having major questions about the relationship and then ta-da! everything is wonderful and they're getting married?? I think you should be pretty darn sure about things before you agree to marry the guy, but maybe that's just me...) but I have to admit that I still get a little misty-eyed when the proposal happens. As a girl who was proposed to relatively recently, who got to 'pick out a white dress', I think I'm entitled... :)
This arrangement makes me wish I could fit a grand piano in my condo though!

愛莎Cherry said...
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排骨酥May said...
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