Monday, June 15, 2009


This weekend was busy. We went to a stag (B did), a stagette (K did), a wedding, a family photo shoot, and a shower. And got lots of family visiting time in there too! The wedding was one of the best I'd ever been to. It was small, relaxed, friendly and beautiful. It was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding. The wedding and reception both took place at the bride's parents' house. There were around fifty people there, so you quickly got a sense of who everyone was. The reception was in the afternoon and we just all hung out together after the meal. The bride and groom seemed really relaxed and had time to chat with everyone. Finally, the decorating was fantastic. Attention to detail, anyone? Lovely. I've said it before, A&C, but I'll say it again. We're excited to hang out with the two of you lots in the coming months. Sunday was another stinking hot day. Central Alberta needs.rain.badly. Badly. Things are pretty crunchy and dust. But it looks like rain is in the forecast for this week, thank God. We spent the morning doing decorating for another wedding and then headed out to some friends' acreage where B did another photoshoot. We have lots of really great memories of this family in years past and it was great to see them again, however how briefly. We're so proud of the the years since we've moved to Calgary, they've grown up to be really neat young people. And then starts another week. We've got lots to pack into the week too, before we head back to Central Alberta for another weekend of wedding. It's going to be Awesome. One might even say Legendary.


blueberry hill said...

Hi Kirstin,
Just catching up with you - lovely pics as ever. I was so sorry to see your comment on my blog about your CA trip - hope you are doing ok - have been thinking about you.
Annie xx

Anonymous said...

Hello! We've been off the internet (for the most part) since the wedding, so we didn't see this post until today! Beautiful picture, we're excited to see more! We're so happy that you had a good time at the wedding, that's heart warming to know!
A&C :)