Thursday, June 04, 2009

To Do This Summer/Why I love Calgary

It's another beautiful beautiful day in the city of Calgary, which got me thinking about all our plans for this summer, and how much I love Calgary in the summer. It's hard to choose whether to go camping/hiking all summer (one of our favourite things) or to stay at home in Calgary and enjoy our garden and alllll the things going on here. So, following is a combined "to do" list on the subjects. - Finishing my thesis by the end of July. - Four days in Jasper National Park, camping. - Shakespeare in the Park - Calgary Farmers' Markets-- multiple times please - Stephen Avenue at lunch time, on breaks from working at the Glenbow - Our birthdays - Road trip to Glacier National Park (we love Montana, Grandma Marci!) - J&M's wedding - A&C's wedding - Riley Park, just wandering, or watching Cricket-playing - Calgary Folk Music Festival (though I'm not sure we can afford to go this year...) - Running a 10km race - Siebenga 80 years in Canada Reunion - July 1st in Prince's Island Park - Gardening. :D - Nose Hill Park (perfect for biking, and walking, and flower-discovering and picnicking)

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