Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jasper Once More

Just a few more images to share from our trip.
A self-portrait of us and Jasper the Bear. He didn't seem to mind the photoshoot.
And a picture of Brent taking pictures. He got some really gorgeous landscape shots over the course of the weekend.
One example of Brent's fabulous images. A chance shot, when the sunset pierced the rainy clouds, spotlighting the snow-covered mountains. My favourite way to travel: with my feet on the dash. One last streetscape of Jasper. It's not the best picture of the town, but it gives you a sense of it being a town plunked into the middle of the mountains. This was just before we left to head home.
We bought a bike rack from MEC for our car just before we left. We don't have a hitch on the car, so we had to get a bike rack that fits onto the hatch. It's pretty stable and easy to use...although it's also easy to steal, which is a downside. However, we're really glad that we're able to bring our bikes with us on trips now.
...And here's Vern the Matrix + Awesome Bike Rack at the Columbia Icefields.
It's my firm belief that all Canadians--at least all Albertans/British Columbians--should see the Icefields once in their lives. They are truly breath-taking and awe-inspiring. And besides their inherent awesomeness, the icefields are quickly disappearing--they could be gone in my lifetime. So see them before it's too late, people. It's definitely worth it. The Snocoach tour would be fun, but it's REALLY expensive. You can see just as much from below, walking up the glacier, or from the ridge of Wilcox Peak, which is a short extension to the Wilcox Pass hike.

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